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Fluid Power & Automation

Pneumatic Cylinders
ISO Cylinders
Schrader now offers a complete range of cylinders from 32mm to 100mm bore dia, with radically different looks. These are tie rodless cylinders and they derive their sleek looks by virtue of using square aluminium tube.

Complete range of mountings are available and they include Double trunnion mounting, Single trunnion mounting, Front plate mounting, Rear plate mounting, Leg mounting, Hinge mounting etc.

Cylinders are also offered with reed switches, Rod eye end, Fork attachment etc. reed switches can be inserted at any position without dismantling the cylinder, and they sit flush with tube. Besides these Double ended cylinders, Single acting cylinders and custom built cylinders can be made as per users requirement.
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Inch Series Cylinders
  • Available in 1", 2", 2", 3" and 4" bore diameter.
  • Proven performance in a wide range of applications.
  • Offered with a range of mountings and attachments.
  • Features like single acting, double ended, reed switch type are also offered.
  • Cylinders offered with stroke lengths upto 2000 mm with provision of stop tube if required.
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Special Cylinders
  • Schrader has range of "Self Reciprocating Cylinder" in Bore Size 2 ", 3" & 4"
  • Schrader offers all cylinders of their range with suitable valve from the range duly mounted & connecting tubing. These simple "Air Motor" find wide application.
  • We undertake customer build cylinder to replace your existing non standard bire size, piston rod size, non standard material of the constriction etc.
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Knife Gate Cylinders
  • Cylinders suitable for knife gate valve application.
  • Bore size 3.3" to 18".
  • Tie rod extension on front side for easy mounting on the knife gate valve.
  • The rod cum wiper seal is completely self compensating for zero leakage at all pressures.
  • The piston quad seal provides excellent directional performance
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Accessories for Cylinder
  • Accessories are optional elements which help in interlinking of cylinders with other linkages.
  • Rod eye end, Universal coupler help in angular compensation.
  • Piston rod clevis and Hinge mounting facilitate swivelling connection.
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Rodless Cylinder
  • Sizes � 16 to � 63 Bore
  • Equal forces on both end of Piston
  • High cantilever and direct load can be taken on piston.
  • Multi ported endcaps as standard
  • High temperature seal s available as a standard option
  • Many more option available
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Fluid Power & Automation

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