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A New Range of Duncan Tubeless Tyre Valves

Schrader Duncan has launched 'Duncan Tubeless Tyre Valves'. The valves being manufactured in state of the art plant in Pune come packaged in attractive consumer packing.

Our mission is to make driving in India safer and in process save precious lives. "Life matters, Safety matters, Valve matters" is an idea which has to be spread to make driving in India safer.


Schrader Duncan Valves

Indian tyre market is plagued with lot of vehicle and driver safety issues. It's the country where there are no restriction on sale of second hand tyres, no legislation to stop vehicles being driven on bald tyres, no labeling requirements which can guide consumers on quality of tyres they buy. Changemytyre.com, as its philosophical corner stone, is determined to be a thought leader in safe driving and patron of safe and reliable products in the Indian Tyre market .

Consumer education on tyres is severely lacking. Our roads and drivers can be little safer if our drivers are educated on products they should buy. It will not only prevent fatal accidents but will also help our drivers save on fuel and extend life of their tyres. With this thought process we started a journey to identify the products which make driving safer. In this journey of discovery our first stop was a small but significant product - Tyre valves.

97% of the people did not know the valves they have on their tyres. Tyre valves are identified as a safety item by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of India. However Indian market is inundated by sub standard tyre valves which are being imported. A tyre valve is made of brass and high quality EPDM rubber and has to undergo quite a few quality tests to qualify as safe to use. However the imported sub standard tyres valves are amateurishly assembled, never tested and are clearly designed to fail.

In our endeavor to find safe and reliable tyre valve we came across Scharder Duncan Limited with excellent manufacturing abilities and testing infrastructure. Schrader Duncan Limited are pioneers in India in the field of Industrial Pneumatics and Automotive & Off-Highway Tyre Valves. It's part of JP Goenka group of companies- a business house with more than century old tradition in manufacturing excellence. Catering to the Indian industry for over four decades, it is an ISO 9001 / TS 16949 certified company with very modern, efficient manufacturing plant at Ranjangaon near Pune.

Changemytyre.com after thorough study and research has decided that it will sell tyres only with Schrader Duncan Valves. This is in line with our mission to make driving in India safer and in process save precious lives. "Life matters, Safety matters, Valve matters" is an idea which has to be spread to make driving in India safer.

Quality Checks

Valves to be considered safe have to undergo series of testing for quality. Duncan Valves from Schrader Duncan Limited are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they do not fail even in the most difficult circumstances. The tests are conducted in the state of the art lab at their plant in Ranjangaon near Pune. Before any valve leaves the factory it is analysed for performance under Hot and cold conditions, resistance to atmospheric conditions especially ozone, bonding between rubber to rubber and metal to rubber, resistance to extreme pressure conditions, hardness of the metal from which stem is made, leaks if any, flexibility to ensure that it does not break when it is bent etc.

The details of the testing done on the Duncan valves is as under :

  • Hot & Cold Chamber Test
  • Ozone Test
  • Adhesion Test
  • Burst Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Force to Seat & Force to Pull Out
  • Leak Test
  • Flex Test

Valve Safe

Are you valve safe ? Are you sure that your tyre valve will not give away when you are cruising on a newly built highway in the month of June ? Are you sure that your tyre valve is not made of plastic but of virgin brass metal? Did you check the country of origin of tyre valves which has been installed on your tyres? Are you sure each and every valve of yours has been tested for all required parameters which are essential for safety?

If the answer to all of the above question is no then its time to take your car to the garage and get your valves changed. A small diversion to your daily routine but which will ensure that your drive is little more safe . Our advise chose your valve carefully and if you are in doubt get Duncan valves installed .

Schrader Duncan in India boasts of the state of art manufacturing and testing facilities at Ranjangaon near Pune, and their origin goes back to Schrader USA the inventor of Tyre valves and since then they have been leaders in the valve technology

Duncan Valves from Schrader Duncan Limited are manufactured with prime ethylene propylene (EPDM) rubber, which features superior resistance to heat, ozone and automotive fluids. This ensures safety of tyre pressure while moving at high speed. Hence driving in the month of June at Mumbai-Pune highway at speed of 150 km per hour will be much safer.

As Mr Shantanu Pravati ,CEO of Schrader Duncan Limited explained “Superior materials provide superior products and that is very true for a product like valves. Safe valve is a result of superior metallurgy, great rubber to metal bonding and extensive testing. All this translates into safer valves with increased valve life. We at Schrader Duncan Limited ensure that each and every valve which goes out of our factory premises is a valve which has gone through extensive quality testing and approval”

Duncan valves are manufactured as per ETRTO, JATMA, and SAE standards and are designed to meet or exceed OEM requirements.

Changemytyre.com has decided that it will ship its tyres only with Duncan valves from Schrader Duncan limited . Moreover all Changemytyre Pitstop's will only use Duncan valves while installing tyres. A small step for Changemytyre.com towards making our roads a bit more safe and reducing fatal accidents.

Source: http://www.changemytyre.com/Schrader-Duncan-Valves.aspx


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